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digitalmars.D - Re: renamepalooza time

My two cents.

(Incidentally, when I learned to type -- in the USA in 1970 -- a "cents" symbol
was standard on the keyboard. Shift-2 or Shift-6, I think.)

Jacob Carlborg Wrote:

 LS -> lineSeparator/LineSeparator
 PS -> paragraphSeparator/ParagraphSeparator

These are established acronyms: (http://www.unicode.org/standard/reports/tr13/tr13-5.html). I would leave them as is.
 entab -> entab/spacesToTabs
 expandtabs -> expandTabs/tabsToSpaces

I prefer the more explicit "spacesToTabs" variants. I would have to double check to see what "entab" means.
 ljustify -> leftJustify /justifyLeft

left/rightJustify is better, IMHO.
 lowercase -> lowercaseChars

"lowercase" is fine as is.
 newline -> newline

Mild preference for "newLine", but either would be fine.
 stripl -> stripLeft
 stripr -> striptRight

Yes, even though differs from left/rightJustify usage.
 tolower -> toLower/toLowercase/toLowerCase
 tolowerInPlace ->  toLowerInPlace/toLowercaseInPlace/toLowerCaseInPlace

toLower and toLowerInPlace
 toupper -> toUpper/toUppercase/toUpperCase
 toupperInPlace -> toUpperInPlace/toUppercaseInPlace/toUpperCaseInPlace

Ditto: toUpper and toUpperInPlace
 whitespace -> whitespaceCharsr

"whitespace" is fine as is.
 /Jacob Carlborg

Jan 22 2011