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digitalmars.D - Re: proposal: improved import declaration

David B. Held Wrote:

 eao197 wrote:
 import tango.io.{Console, Conduit, FilePath, FileSystem, Stdout};

I like Java's syntax better: import tango.io.*;

I am glad that this is not supported. I do not like the basic import statement at all. I would like it restricted to static, renamed, and selective imports. The reader of a file should not have to guess where any given symbol came from. But I agree with the original poster that there should be something like Python's: from tango.io import a,b,c,...; If you need to import dozens of modules from the same package, you can create a single module which does all the imports publicly. module alltango; public import tango.io.A; public import tango.io.B; public import tango.io.C; // ... Then: import alltango; gives you everthing. But I still prefer static imports.
Jul 30 2007