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digitalmars.D - Re: new DIP5: Properties 2

Chad J Wrote:

 A few hours later this poor library developer takes a break from the
 debugger and writes a small experiment.  The conclusion is
 "AARRGGGHHH!".  He runs to the news group to bitch and moan, and someone
 responds, "yeesh use ref return and RTFM already".  Bad day.
 This is only the example that pops to mind.  I am sure there are cases
 where the library writer may intentionally NOT ref return, and the user
 will miss this and get bitten.  When the library writer and user are the
 same, things only goes downhill.

Some assert that C# was made for codemonkeys, but library developers somehow managed to not fail so miserably. Maybe because there's so much experience to share? Or something is not right with library designers?
Jul 29 2009