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digitalmars.D - Re: including arbitrary files into the binary

Using dmd-1.021 I use this to initialize an AA:

ubyte[][char[]] files;

static this()
	files = [ cast(char[]) "data.txt" : cast(ubyte[]) import("data.txt") ];

Writing a program to generate a D code file is of course possible,
albeit not that elegant.

The only problem left is that I get an error starting my main program:
"object.Exception: Cyclic dependency in module Main"
because I have more that one static this in my application.

Walter Bright Wrote:

 Jarrett Billingsley wrote:
 You could write a D program that does all this machination for you as a 
 build step or so.  It could copy all the files to a directory, come up with 
 an AA, write out a .d file with the AA declaration and the imports, and then 
 compile that into an object, which you then link into your program. 

For the AA declaration you can use hex string literals for the binary data: x"00 0A FD EE" etc. They're easy for a simple D program to generate.

files around.
Sep 08 2007