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digitalmars.D - Re: dlibgit sample - concurrency issues

On 10/12/12, Andrej Mitrovic <andrej.mitrovich gmail.com> wrote:
 There is a minimal git client sample
 ported from C (it has just a few commands implemented).
Ok guys I could use some help here. Take a look at these (ported from C which used pthreads and didn't really care about thread safety): https://github.com/AndrejMitrovic/dlibgit/blob/master/samples/network/clone.d#L43 https://github.com/AndrejMitrovic/dlibgit/blob/master/samples/network/common.d#L26 Here's the original C sample: https://github.com/libgit2/libgit2/blob/development/examples/network/clone.c (uses pthread_create) The situation is: - Main thread prepares some struct data type - This is the type: https://github.com/AndrejMitrovic/dlibgit/blob/master/samples/network/common.d#L14 - Main thread spawns a worker thread that has to write to the struct data type (the type has indirections due to string fields). - Worker thread reads from and writes to this data type. - Main thread spins and reads from the data type until a bool flag is set, after which it knows the work thread is done and the main thread can break out of the loop. I can't put the struct variable in TLS and use spawn() to pass a pointer to it ("Aliases to mutable thread-local data not allowed."), so I've had to use a __gshared global instead and let the spawned function access it implicitly. I could type the struct variable as shared() but I'd have to cast away the shared qualifier when calling git_clone, which is a C function (https://github.com/AndrejMitrovic/dlibgit/blob/master/samples/network/clone.d#L17). Question is: Isn't there a better way to model this, without using globals or casts? I'd love to see a good thread-safe example on how to implement this.
Oct 11 2012