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Bill Baxter д:

 On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 2:26 PM, Jason House
 <jason.james.house gmail.com> wrote:
 dolive Wrote:

 will appear d3 ? What are the tasks ? it's not backward compatible
 with D2 ? What major changes ?

My understanding is that there will be a significant gap between the finalization of D2 and the start of D3. Bartosz's ownership scheme may be part of D3.
 when to stop adding new content of d2 ?

Earlier this year, I thought there would be no new content now. My wild guess is early next year.

FWIW, I got a very apologetic notice from Amazon the other day that TDPL was delayed and now expected March 2010. So certainly D2 should be frozen by then. Of course having it frozen before getting book out was the goal, and an admirable goal. But y'know it is possible to write books about languages that are moving targets. Look at how many zillions of C# books there covering all the different .NET framework versions. In fact I bet publishers like that, because it means they'll get some number of people to buy basically the same book all over again, just to get some small updates. --bb

thanks to all D3 long will it take to complete ? dolive
Oct 20 2009