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digitalmars.D - Re: aliased functions

janderson Wrote:

 You could use tuples.  Not quite as neat I guess.
 template Tuple(E...)
      alias E Tuple;
 alias Tuple!(int, uint) myFunctionStandard;
 alias int myFunctionStandardReturn;
 myFunctionStandardReturn myFunctionName(myFunctionStandard tl)

I figured out how to do it via mixins, which sorta worked, and slightly less syntax than the tuple. However, Carlos suggested you already can do it via the alias: alias int function(int x, uint y) myF; myF bob { return 0; } ^^ That's what I remember of it. *that* is the solution I wanted, and it actually reduces the possibility of errors, cuts redundancy and simplifies it. Thanks Carlos. : )
Mar 21 2007