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digitalmars.D - Re: Windows console is broken

Sean Kelly:
 Personally, I feel that for scripting-type applications, the best
 solution may be to build a custom wrapper around the standard library
 which provides the utmost in convenience with no concern for efficiency.
  We've actually talked about this in relation to Tango, but it would
 mean yet another API for people to learn and even more code to maintain.
  Perhaps this would be a good third-party project for someone so inclined?

I think this one of the two purposes of my d libs. So you may take a look at my code and tell me what do you think about it (we can talk on IRC too). They are partially inspired by Python, so I think they are quite fit for that purpose, I can show some examples. Some things are missing still, but they can be added (getopt, glob, json, etc). I am currently writing a simpler to use File class. The other purpose of my d libs is to write hi-level code in the parts of nonscripting-like code where you don't need max efficiency: at runtime many programs pass most of their time in a small percentage of their code, so using low-level constructs to write the whole program is premature optimization. In the (often large) part of the program code it's better to use a higher-level style of coding, that allows you to write less code, and put in less bugs. Bye, bearophile
Jan 31 2008