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digitalmars.D - Re: Wide characters support in D

 Every time you reply to somebody, a
 new message is created. Is kinda difficult to follow this
 discussion when you need to look more than 15 separated
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 Yao G.

Just a last note regarding the topic: Anyway, I already explained all my points. Others have good points, too. There can be good and bad reasons for tchar. It primarily depends on the: 1. You view D as a language with single framework that behaves absolutely the same way on all platforms. 2. You allow some diversion from common view for the sake of better interoperability with system libraries. In addition, tchar can be added to 3 already existent types. I doubt that it will hurt. If library developers prefer to work with native encoding, they can use it. Otherwise, they can provide templates that can be used for any of those 4 types. Finally, if someone wants to use something particular, s/he can use it. It would be nice to hear something from Walter. If he says "no, in no way we need this", I am fine with this. The final decision, as you know, is made by the developer of the language. Thanks.
Jun 08 2010