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digitalmars.D - Re: Why I Use D

hi all,

Glad to see that some people donít think that i am a troll.

I am ashamed that I forgot to say THANK YOU Walter.

It is kind of funny, that a mentioning of the 2 libraries is like mohammed 
pictures with al kaida.
I AM NOT A TROLL!!!, just a learner - enjoying D and someone who thinks that D
has a great future.
One thing, - i think -, that made m$ so successful, is that everything seems to
be out of one cast; no one or two or ... libraries, - no matter how good or bad
they are. I wished that, now that phobos is open for everybody, the people of
tango would merge, so that the observers (and noubes) like me, will get the
impression that everything is of one cast.
Marketing is not just a thing for tango, it affects all of D.
Anyway, all of you should be more positive of D, such as some people who
answered this thread. Never could have written the facts and points as the
those people did.

Sorry for my bad english.

lurker Wrote:

 I just love D and use nothing else anymore - if i can help it. 
 The gripe i have is:
 (Need to fill and find about 5000 tags and it is a real problem for now.)
 Other than that it is great. I am developing a dicom reader/displayer and the
code is smaller and easier than anything i have seen and used before in c++ -
and i hope to be able to share it soon.
 Soon after i hope i will be able to share a dicom server.
 What to do i dislike?
 1.) i hoped for an easer egg - bug fixes for 2.xx (see
n&article_id=11858)  - macros and more
 2.) i hope people will communicate more politely
 3.) i wished somebody would port parts of tango to phobos - and phobos be the
standard and only library, since i think it hurts D more (tango) than most
people think
 I am a beginner and  i enjoy D. 
 I hope  - "The Safe Subset of D" will be done in a way, that no delays will
occure in D 2.XXXX
 sorry for my english

Mar 29 2008