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digitalmars.D - Re: Vectors and matrices

Lars Kyllingstad Wrote:

 I am writing a D library based some of the stuff in SLATEC, and I've 
 come to a point where I need to decide on a way to manipulate vectors 
 and matrices. To that end, I have some ideas and questions I would like 
 comments on from the community.
 My first question goes to those among you who do a lot of linear algebra 
 in D: Do you think supporting both library  types and arrays is worth 
 the trouble? Or should I just go with one and be done with it?
 A user-defined matrix type would have opIndex(i,j) defined, and to 
 retrieve elements one would write m[i,j]. However, the syntax for 
 two-dimensional arrays is m[i][j], and this means I have to put a lot of 
 static ifs around my code, in order to check the type every time I 
 access a matrix. This leads me to my second question, which is a 
 suggestion for a language change, so I expect a lot of resistance. :)
 Would it be problematic to define m[i,j,...] to be equivalent to 
 m[i][j][...] for built-in arrays, so that arrays and user-defined types 
 could be used interchangeably?
 (And, importantly, are there anyone but me who think they would benefit 
 from this?)

If your looking for votes you have mine. I'd like to see a consistent interface for multidimensional rectangular arrays using the m[i,j,k,...] syntax. I know we've got people, like yourself, to provide implementations. Paul
Apr 16 2009