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digitalmars.D - Re: Using D is a win

Sean Kelly Wrote:

 Daniel Keep wrote:
 Sean Kelly wrote:
 BLS wrote:
 Walter said : "D is not a language made for beginners"  and further :
 "They (the nubes) should start with Java, VB or someting similar."

 I disagree. You can learn Programming using D. You can teach yourself
 advanced programming technics without having a too steep learing curve
 and  without having too much trouble in learning exotic language

could have been used for both classes... certainly for the second, at least. Sean

I'd have to say that D makes a good *second* language, but not so much a good first language. Something like Python definitely makes a better first language since it allows people to focus on learning how to solve problems. I personally think it's more important to get them used to problem-solving than "now, do I need a 32-bit or 64-bit int for this? Should I use a struct or a class?" But then, maybe that's just me :)

I think it depends on how an individual learns (though it's difficult to build a curriculum to account for that). Some people have difficulty focusing on higher level issues until they know how the underpinnings work. Others are the opposite. My wife did best learning architecture, then assembler, and so on. Sean

Yeah, I went: HTML JavaScript C x86 Assembler <-- this is when it clicked C++ CSS Pascal Java XML C# D ... After x86 assembler <-> html I was able to understand the efforts to obfuscate complexity. I was also able to understand where we had failed in this task. Programming = new Exercise( in caching && in obfuscating complexity);
Jun 13 2007