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digitalmars.D - Re: Totally OT: Quantum Mechanics proof for the existence of a Supreme

downs Wrote:

 Daniel Lewis wrote:
 *cough*  Right.  On one of those worlds, I'm dating three hot supermodels and
my sister is the president of the United States.  *cough*
Even better example. On one of those worlds GWB was reelected. Clearly, this demonstrates the impossibility of the Many Worlds model. No parallel universe could conceivably be so moronic. --downs
Point made. It's still kind of funny. Sometimes I can't help but mock people when they go on about things like this. I hear "you can't just beam people up to your spaceship, you need to open two interdimensional portal's and go through a zero point energy field! It's the only way!" Maybe I'm just a hypocritic sawed off asshat. Who knows?
Feb 17 2008