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digitalmars.D - Re: Stepping back and looking at constness from another angle.

Ary Manzana wrote:
 Yes, you're right. Your analogy is great. I think I was too tired
 yesterday and some of my neurons weren't working well.

 Anyway, I'd like to see some real-world examples where const avoids
 bugs. Because if those examples don't exist, then the keywords are
 there just for compiler optimization.

 (BTW, I would have liked to have throws specified in functions... when
 programming in .Net, I just don't know what exceptions to expect while
 calling a function like File.open, for example. Of course, this is a
 trivial example, it's sure IOException, but with other classes it's
 not that obvious...)

Actually, I think that this should go the other way, the language should be constructed in such a way that things like throws can be trivially found by static code analysis. It should be easy to build a tool that can look at a code base and answer that kind of question.
Jun 06 2007