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digitalmars.D - Re: Special compilation mode

Ary Borenszweig Wrote:

 Arlen Albert Keshabyan escribió:
    It would be very handy to introduce a special compilation mode in the D
compiler that would build a special report file instead of a binary object file
upon a source code file compilation. It’s supposed to contain special
information on types, variable and class names, errors, warnings, optimization
notes and other useful information that would help an IDE (or any other
frontends) to help programmers in a code completion and in other useful things.
It’s supposed to run fast in a background like Eclipse does that to java source

Are you sure Eclipse does that to Java source files? I think Eclipse developed a Java compiler, from which they gather all that information.

yes, it does.
    Does Walter consider that worth of his attention to bother about?

Apr 13 2008