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digitalmars.D - Re: Should Tuple!( T, "name" ) be implicitly castable to Tuple!T?

Simen kjaeraas:

 Tuple!(int, "a") a;
 Tuple!int b;
 b = a;
 IMO, this is good and correct. A tuple without field names is to me a
 mere black box with data inside, and throwing some other data in there
 is ok.

I agree.
 Tuple!( int, "a" ) a;
 Tuple!int b;
 a = b;
 This, I am not so sure about. A black box is turned into structured
 data. I guess it's ok.

I think it's OK. But the documentation needs to explain about this case.
 Tuple!( int, "a" ) a;
 Tuple!( int, "b" ) b;
 a = b;
 This I feel, is wrong. a is of a different type from b.

I think tuples are meant to be purely structural types, so even adding field names they are compatibile. It's a design choice. In Python they have recently added collections.namedtuple, they are tuples with an optional name: http://docs.python.org/dev/library/collections.html#collections.namedtuple If Phobos tuple gain an optional name as I have once suggested, then two tuples with different names are two different types (so we are back to nominative typing).
 void foo( Tuple!int );
 Tuple!(int, "a") a;
 foo( a );
 This should work.

If the case 1) works, then this case too has to work. Bye, bearophile
Dec 23 2010