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digitalmars.D - Re: Remaining const niggles #1 - Custom POD types

Neil Vice Wrote:

 I could not possibly agree with you more Janice.
 Being new to D2 and having missed all the const discussions I've generally 
 been disappointed with the const system. Having said that my major gripes 
 are the constant need for explicit casts (as you have covered) as well as 
 lack of support in operator overloading in particular (e.g. opApply), which 
 I hear is remoured to be being addressed currently. 

Yeah, I made the mistake of converting to D2 a little too early, and it's been a pain. Looking forward to the const-ness issue being resolved. Then we can move on to parallelism and exposing the AST. : D love and affection, Dan
Feb 18 2008