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digitalmars.D - Re: Properties: a.b.c = 3

Andrei Alexandrescu Wrote:

 Bill Baxter wrote:
 Yeh, I don't understand how any of this has anything to do with
 properties.  It's the same question if you ask what should
  a.b().c = 5
  do.  It's the same issue whether you have properties or not, and
 needs a solution whether you have properties or not.

Well the problem is that a.b().c = 5 makes it clear that there's a function call in the mix, so the field-like behavior is not necessarily to be expected.

This is a matter of coding style I believe. widget.clientRectangle.width=10; widget.getRectangle(Rects.clientRectangle).width=10; Should the meaning of this code change depending on whether the return value is reference type or value type? Looks like C# rules forbid implementation of smart pointers and structs are supposed to be simply composite types rather than generic value types.
Jul 31 2009