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digitalmars.D - Re: Polishing D - suggestions and comments

Unknown W. Brackets Wrote:

 I thought I might write down some of the many suggestions I have for 
 making D really come into the spotlight as a language.
 They cover many areas, and I'm trying to address issues that I feel 
 aren't being given - by what I've seen - enough attention.  I'm sure 
 many of you here will pick me apart, and I look forward to it.
 Hopefully some of the suggestions can improve D.
 I write these with experience with an open source project I lead the 
 development of, and years of watching the Mozilla development process. 
 I have no doubt that the majority of these things would be of great 
 improvement, if they are possible and done.

I'd love to see an official stance/roadmap by the D community/Walter on how to handle each and every item in your list. Either as tasks in the issue tracker, entries on the D webpage, or some official wiki page. So far, it looks like only the web page item is really being address in reaction to your post. It'd be a real shame if we don't do a better job of handling the items posted. They're well thought out and are accurate about the state of D.
Jan 24 2008