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digitalmars.D - Re: Please vote once and for good: range operations

Andrei Alexandrescu Wrote:

 It looks like there is endless debate on the naming convention for the 
 range operations. Few saw the obvious bugs in the documentation and 
 examples :o).
 So please let's vote once and for all. I will note that I disagree we 
 should ignore what conventions other languages have. Provincialism is 
 the appurtenance of the incult. To that end, I looked around at how some 
 languages define some primitives.
 So please let's vote once and for all. No choice will please everybody, 
 but I want to settle for something that at least won't displease the 
 most vehement ones :o).

I don't like first/last. Given a sequence, its first and last elements are fixed (even if the sequence advances), i.e. first, head, toe and last have strict ordering to me. Head/Toe is acceptable, but I don't like it either. Head has a well-known and unambiguous meaning, which is ok. But toe... (Being a non-native english speaker) I didn't even know its meaning until I looked it up in a dictionary. It sounds more like a head/bar pair to me (i.e. completely unrelated). "Collection's toe element" doesn't tell anything and it takes some time to recall term's meaning in this context (I got used to it a bit, though). Other property I don't like about 'toe' is that it is shorter than its counterpart - 'head' - I think it should be the same or slightly longer. That said, best names for me are left(most) and right(most), but they are not listed here :( May I vote for them?
Jan 29 2009