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digitalmars.D - Re: [OT] [I mean totally OT] Re: What can you "new"

Andrei Alexandrescu Wrote:

 Walter Bright wrote:
 Nick Sabalausky wrote:
 Doesn't matter what you're making, OS or not, the choice of language 
 *certainly* carries repercussions throughout a project. Sure Linux is 
 doing fine with C. So what? It could probably be doing a lot better 
 with D.

It's like if you gave the Spartan Leonidas a Henry repeating rifle - he still would have lost at Thermopylae. But there is little doubt that one Henry repeating rifle is worth a hundred spear-chucking wicker-armored immortals.

Sometimes I run these crazy calculations: how much modern firepower would be just enough to turn the odds in a classic battle? At Thermopilae, I think two Vickers with enough ammo would have been just about enough. Also at the Lord of the Rings 2 night castle defense, one machine gun would have sufficed (better protection and fewer assailants). Andrei

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Mar 28 2009