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digitalmars.D - Re: OT: Flickering. Was: DQuick a GUI Library (prototype)

On 8/22/13, Andrej Mitrovic <andrej.mitrovich gmail.com> wrote:
 The IUP flicker I saw was in its hbox example, which had buttons in a
 layout (horizontal box), and as the buttons moved when you resize the
 window they would flicker. Maybe they should try using a backbuffer if
 they don't already do. But anyway, I don't know IUP internals to know
 what is going wrong.
Speaking of flicker, Google still hasn't fixed the tab close flickering issue with Chrome on Windows, even though e.g. the new Opera which is based on Chromium doesn't have the issue. http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=128180 You'd think someone would give a damn about user experience, the way the term UX is thrown around these days everywhere..
Aug 22 2013