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digitalmars.D - Re: Null references redux + Cyclone

bearophile Wrote:

 If even Andrei, a quite intelligent person that has written big books on C++,
may be wrong on such a basic thing, then I think there's a problem.
 It can be good to create an html page that explains how some basic things of D
are implemented in the front-end. Such page can also contain box & arrow images
that show how structures and memory are organized for various of such data
 Such html page is useful for both normal programmers that want to understand
what's under the hood, and for people that may want to fix/modify the front-end.
An averagely porfficient programmer should understand what a "pointer fixup" means, and fixups are discussed somewhere in the docs, if I recall it correctly. D fixes pointers up just in order to fasten interface calls. This also prevents generics from being implemented in D.
Sep 30 2009