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digitalmars.D - Re: Null references redux

Walter, I can already see lot of confusion in this thread. Let's think well
about this topic, because it's almost as important as implementing good
multiprocessing in D2. It's among the most important things that may happen to
D (and it's also a breaking change for D2, so it can't be implemented later),
and it's one of the few things where D has a chance to become a little better
than C#.

I see lot of failed communication about this topic, so someone may have to
write a text that explains the basics and avoid misunderstandings about basic
things. Maybe even a DEP. I think Andrei has understood this topic, so he may
write it :-) Otherwise I can build a Wiki page...

(A possibility is to implement this idea in a branch of D2, test it for a month
or so, and then if it's seen as good it can be kept. The main problem of this
idea is that implementing such changes requires some work, and wasting time
isn't nice).

Sep 26 2009