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digitalmars.D - Re: New hash

I thought I'd open this topic for discussion of issues with the new
hash implementation.

Anyways, this doesn't seem to work:

AA!(string,int[]) hash;

-ID:\DMD\dmd2\src\druntime\src newAATest.d
newAA.d(581): Error: template
newAA.AA!(string,int[]).AssociativeArray.Slot.__ctor(K) if
(keyCompat!(K)) cannot deduce template function from argument types
newAA.d(581): Error: no constructor for Slot
newAATest.d(33): Error: template instance newAA.AA!(string,int[])
error instantiating
Failed: "dmd" "-ID:\DMD\dmd2\src\druntime\src" "-v" "-o-" "newAATest.d" "-I."
Exit code: 1
Mar 23 2012