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BLS Wrote:

 Janice Caron schrieb:
 On 10/14/07, BLS <nanali nospam-wanadoo.fr> wrote:
 Bruce Adams schrieb:
 That is simply said : stone age.

Well it was BLS who said ... instead of Bruce.
 Wow! I appreciate the new heights to which exaggeration has now
 reached. It's cool to know that our cave-dwelling ancestors were
 familiar with DOS!
 However, Bruce's point will not be erased by any amount of hyperbole.
 When I program in D, I use a text editor, not an IDE. To be sure, it's
 a programmer's text editor, with syntax highlighting; one that knows
 how to build D, and jump to the line causing any error, but still
 ultimately just a text editor. And it is more than adequate for the
 Not everyone uses an IDE. Neolithic jibes notwithstanding, that's just a fact.

If guess a lot of you folks still prefer to write letters instead of emails. just kidding :) However the architecture of current IDE's is allready ~15 years old. It is time to give 'em a cozy home on your 386 farm, guess they like to see the kids grow. Bjoern

Its not in dispute that a good IDE can improve your productivity. It is in dispute that its the best way. Clearly a lot of us are here because we believe improving the language is a better solution than simply using a better IDE for C++. Bruce.
Oct 15 2007