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digitalmars.D - Re: Mac OS X Installation

reply Sean Kelly <sean invisibleduck.org> writes:
I wrote a simple script to automate my DMD installs.  If the zipfile is named
dmd.2.047.zip it will install the data into /opt/dmd-2.047 and then create the
symbolic link /opt/dmd2 (I have /opt/dmd2/bin in my path).  I also have it copy
my dmd.conf from the previous install, since I'm not using the standard
dmd.conf.  I'll comment that line out in the script below: 



if [ -z "$1" ]
    echo "Usage: $0 zipfile"
    exit 1

rm -fr dmd2
unzip dmd.$VERSION.zip
pushd /opt
sudo mkdir dmd-$VERSION
cd dmd-$VERSION
sudo cp -r $SRCDIR/dmd2/* .
sudo ln -s $OSDIR/bin
sudo ln -s $OSDIR/lib
cd bin
sudo chmod a+x dmd dumpobj obj2asm rdmd shell
#sudo cp /opt/dmd2/bin/dmd.conf .
cd /opt
sudo rm dmd2
sudo ln -s dmd-$VERSION dmd2
Jun 24 2010
parent Sean Kelly <sean invisibleduck.org> writes:
Um, if your zipfile is named dmd.2.047.zip, run it as "dmdinstall 2.047"
assuming the script file is named "dmdinstall".
Jun 24 2010