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digitalmars.D - Re: Let Go, Standard Library From Community

I can't really say if Phobos or Tango is better but do I think there
should be one standard library and that standard library should be
maintained by a community. Walter has done a good job with
Phobos but I think it's too much to have one person maintain both the reference
compiler and the entire standard library. 

Davidl Wrote:

 Personally, I'm not familiar with tango, but the following is based on the  
 thought of
 1. one man's effort vs. a team's effort
 2. growing D code need only 1 base standard library.
 I don't think it's funny to switch from phobos to tango or switch tango  
 back to phobos.
 I think standard library should be provided by D community, I appreciate  
 Walter gave us phobos.
 We needed this babysitter. But now D community is growing bigger & bigger.  
 I'm wondering if Walter
 can put as much effort as he used to put on Phobos to compete with Tango.   
 And endless arguing of
 Phobos vs. Tango is somewhat meaningless & annoying.
 Once tangobos out, I hope standard DMD package would be released by tango  
 team & Walter, with Tango
 being the base default library. Users can use tangobos for legacy code.

Apr 18 2007