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digitalmars.D - Re: Is d support for extern (D) void core.rt.FunctionA(ParameterList);

Kagamin Wrote:

 Yonggang Luo Wrote:
 I means to support for this, because of this, then we can hidden something
that we don't want to see.
 When you just want to see that API, and not the detail implement.
 And also it can reduce the redundant thinking about what does this module
meaning and that module meaning. Because we just see the API.
 This is useful if you don't like to show all the things to the user.

dmd supports automatic generation of .di files which are similar to C .h files. Or you can write .di files manually. Or you can write separate core/rt.d with just declarations and another core/rt.d with implementation.

I think to auto is the advance of D Programming Language. But we need to manual write something .... like C do.
Nov 14 2008