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digitalmars.D - Re: Implicit enum conversions are a stupid PITA

Walter Bright Wrote:

 That's true, '?' can have different encodings, such as for EBCDIC and RADIX50. 
 Those formats are dead, however, and ASCII has won. D is specifically a
 language (a superset of ASCII) and '?' has a single defined value for it.
 Yes, Unicode has some oddities about it, and the poor programmer using those 
 characters will have to deal with it, but that does not change that quoted 
 character literals are always the same numerical value. '?' is not going to 
 change to another one tomorrow or in any conceivable future incarnation of

another point regarding encodings - While it's true that for English there's a clear winner - Ascii and unicode as a superset of it, it doesn't (yet) apply to other languages. For example, it is still prefered for russian to use another pre-existing encoding over Unicode.
Mar 26 2010