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digitalmars.D - Re: Google's Go

Rainer Deyke Wrote:

 Bane wrote:
 I naively and firmly believe, from my standpoint as a individual,
 that any large corporation is evil. Google is no exception.

I think there is some truth to that, in the same way as all governments, political parties, and other large organizations are evil. Still, this doesn't mean that are governments or all large corporations are morally equivalent. I'll take the evil of a secular liberal democracy over the evil of a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship any day. Google provides free products and services, uses unobtrusive advertising, promotes open standards, and contributes to open source projects. Compared to other corporations of a similar size, they're practically saints. Even if I don't care for their products, or for the direction in which they are trying to push the computer industry.

When it comes to search engine, mail and maps, I agree 100%. I use all of them exclusively because they are more qualitative and less intrusive than alternatives. OTH, i am very careful and aware what mail i send/recieve and what search strings i type in, just in case that 'free' in terms of money doesn't translates to 'cost too much' in terms of privacy and freedom.
Jan 24 2010