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digitalmars.D - Re: [GSOC] more ideas

Daniel Gibson Wrote:

 Am 25.03.2011 07:08, schrieb Kagamin:
 Jonathan M Davis Wrote:

 I wouldn't think that the GPL would be a problem for build tools. It (and
 LGPL) _is_ a problem for libraries, but you're not linking with tools or
 generally doing anything with their code. You're just using them.

Well, if Digital Mars doesn't plan to redistribute them, then ok.

The Linux version of DMD already uses GCC tools for linking. Why shouldn't Digital Mars redistribute GNU tools for linking? I don't think the GPL forbids that, as long as the sources of those binaries are available somewhere.

In this case they should be distributed as a separate package (in this case there's no need for redistribution: you can just link to mingw.sf.net directly). Will people be fine that the main dmd package can't link anything, I don't know. Mingw seems to live fine with that.
Mar 26 2011