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Frits van Bommel Wrote:

 Fractal wrote:
 Jarrett Billingsley Wrote:
 Because those are the three string encodings D supports, and only
 supporting one is a dumb idea.

Why? wchar is full compatible with all languages (if it is not please tell me)... also when I have many strings in different types, I need to convert it from one type to other in each part of the program. Why three when one is suffice?

IIRC, Chinese characters can't be represented by a single wchar. However, that's not a problem since all three string types support full Unicode.
 are all Unicode, just different encodings.  However, even if you can
 throw an exception in Spanish, it might not print out correctly on
 Windows unless you have your console configured correctly.

Oh... I will take a look for that (console configuration)... but the char type dont supports some languages, because it only supports latin... Im wrong? The Exception on the two APIs uses char[]. I want Inernationalized programs.

char[] supports any language that wchar[] and dchar[] support. It's just that with char and wchar you need more than one of them for some characters. You may want to read http://prowiki.org/wiki4d/wiki.cgi?DanielKeep/TextInD and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicode (or one of its many translations if your English is not so good).

Thanks for the correction... Maybe adding a String struct?
Jun 08 2009