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digitalmars.D - Re: Enum arguments?

Sorry for pulling out this old thread again, I have one thing to add.

 void convolve(const float[][] mat, enum float[][] mask, float[][] outmat);

A possible variant of "enum" arguments is "auto enum" arguments. If the given value is a compile-time constant then the function becomes a template as before. Otherwise if the given value is a run-time value, then the argument is a normal function argument. So this code: void foo(int a, auto enum int b) {} void main() { int x = 10; enum int y = 10; foo(x, y); int z = 10; foo(x, z); } is syntax sugar for: void foo_t(int b)(int a) {} void foo(int a, int b) {} void main() { int x = 10; enum int y = 10; foo_t!(y)(x); int z = 10; foo(x, z); } This allows for a cheap form of partial compilation :-) It's "cheap" for the compiler because it's the programmer that tells the compiler on what it can partially compile, so the compiler doesn't need to be smart to guess as in a true partial compilation implementation. In many situations I think this can be enough. Bye, bearophile
Apr 04 2010