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janderson Wrote:

 Xinok wrote:
 D only needs two things, though two very big things:
 1) A proper IDE
 2) Many more libraries
 The language itself, D, offers enough to make it a practical choice over 
 C# was more or less made to take on Java. As a language, it does offer 
 more, and because of Microsoft's resources, it has a proper IDE and tons 
 of libraries. Thus, C# has become a very popular language, and many 
 people converted from Java to C# for that reason.

Even with many more libraries, D at most would beable to compete with C# or Java. It appears to me, that many of the 3rd party libraries I use on a day to day basis would never become part of these many-libraries. People simply don't want to re-invent the wheel. -Joel

Excuse the weirdness, I haven't slept all weekend: ~~ Wheels invented in C++ are not really wheels at all! Nobody can use them but C++ programmers, and even then it often depends on the compiler. Let us go forth, and find a means of binding C++ obj files such that they may be imported within C and D; that we may inherit their legacy code! Is it possible to create a D friendly obj file with the dmc?
Apr 23 2007