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digitalmars.D - Re: Complete floating point literals

bearophile Wrote:

 This comes from a small sub-thread in D.learn (but I have asked for it the
first time in bug 3837 time ago):
 I suggest to turn floating point literals like the following into syntax
errors (maybe just deprecated, so they get accepted using the -d compiler
switch), because the saving of one digit is not worth the small troubles they
cause now and then:
 And require to write them like this:

As I slowly approach release of a D version of the General Decimal Arithmetic specification: I agree that this syntax (1. or .1) should not be permitted, but it is called out in the GDA specification. I don't have any problem with not including it. It only arises in converting from a string to a decimal number, i.e. Decimal(".1"), Decimal("1."). Conversion from real numbers or integers is based on what the compiler accepts, so Decimal(1_000_000) is accepted even though it isn't allowed in the GDA specification. There's really no way to force the compiler not to allow it. This is just a heads up. I'll modify the code to disallow 1. and .1 strings. If anyone has an objection let me know. It's a relatively small change for me to make, much simpler than a change to the compiler. Paul
Jul 11 2011