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digitalmars.D - Re: Compiling the frontend (I know it's not supposed to compile as-is

Gregor Richards Wrote:

   - Gregor Richards
Oh crap. You know what I did? I had already traced the problem to the "_DH" define, but instead of trying "-D_DH", I misunderstood DMC's parameter help screen (which said "-Dmacro[=text] define macro") and tried "-Dmacro=_DH". That (obviously) made no difference, so that threw me clear off the trail ;) So that part is working now, thanks :). 'bit.c" is now complaining it can't find "cc.h", but from what I've read that's just one of the headers from the backend, so I'll rip those #include's out and go from there. So I should be good now.
Jul 30 2007