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digitalmars.D - Re: Behavior of continue in do/while loops.

Downs Wrote:

 "Downs" wrote
 I just came upon the interesting fact that using the "continue"
 statement in a do { } while() loop does not, in fact, continue with the
 next loop, but instead continues with the _condition_.
I never knew that (I rarely use do/while); I would have assumed it does another iteration of the loop. I agree that this is unintuitive to me, but others seem to think this is the right behavior and C compatibility is important so it should probably be left as-is.
 miller[] came up with two good alternatives over in #D
 1) forbidding continue in do/while and replacing it with continue
 do/continue while, or
 2) adding goto do/goto while statements.
 The first one has the advantage of making it totally impossible for a
 newcomer to trip on this, while the second one has the advantage of not
 breaking existing code.
 Whaddya think?
I like the "goto do"/"goto while" option. It's congruent with "goto case"/"goto default".
Sep 12 2007