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digitalmars.D - Re: Bartosz Milewski Missing post

Denis Koroskin:
 I believe he is talking about AST macros that are postponed until D3 because
current focus has shifted to concurrency.<

I think shifting to concurrent programming is now the right choice, all other modern languages do the same, because people have more and more cores sleeping in their computers. But data-parallelism too needs more care/focus in D (I have discussed about it diffusely when I have shown Chapel language, for example, and elsewhere). So far Bartosz has not discussed enough about this very large (and important for D future users) topic. Those things are also much more easy to understand and use for me (and I think for other people too). Thead/Actor/Agent/etc parallelism alone is NOT going to be enough for the numeric computing community (and my numeric needs too). Some support for data-parallelism is currently probably more important than macros for D2. Bye, bearophile
May 28 2009