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digitalmars.D - Re: Associative Arrays

Dan Wrote:

 Walter, what's happening with them?
 Last I checked, I couldn't use practically anything of them:
 const char[] TEXT_x = "x";
 int[char[]] x;
 x.length = 1; // doesn't work, no property length

Of course it doesn't. You can't set the length of an AA: - you can't use it to add elements, because an AA element cannot exist without a key - you can't use it to remove elements, as how would it know which to remove?
 x["hello"] = 1; // doesn't work, array out of bounds
 x[TEXT_x] = 1; // doesn't work, array out of bounds

Works for me (DMD 1.009, Win98SE). Which version and OS are causing a problem for you? <snip>
 Is it possible to use opIndex etc to override associatives?

What do you mean? Stewart.
Mar 16 2007