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digitalmars.D - Re: Array literals' default type

Andrei Alexandrescu:

 auto c = [ 2.71, 3.14, 6.023e22 ];
 c ~= 2.21953167;
 Should this work? Currently it doesn't because c's type is deduced as 
 The literal can initialize either double[3] or double[], so the question 
 is only what the default should be when "auto" is used.

double[] is safer and more flexible, so I think that has to be the default. The double[3] is a (very useful) optimization. auto c = [2, 3.14, 6.023e22]; => double[] double[$] c = [2, 3.14, 6.023e22]; => double[3] Bye, bearophile
Oct 08 2009