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digitalmars.D - Re: A const idiom + a different 'delete'

Shin Fujishiro Wrote:

 bearophile <bearophileHUGS lycos.com> wrote:
 This is an alternative way to write it that I've never used 

 void main() {
     const(int[int]) aa = {
         int[int] result;
         foreach (i; 0 .. 10)
             result[i] = i * i;
         return result;

 It looks like LISP's (let ...) expression and personally I like it.
 The idiom is really useful for building immutable things, including
 compile-time constants.

It also makes for a fine replacement for the comma operator, because you can use it anywhere you can use an expression. I'd love a bit of syntactic sugar for the idiom, that would do the same thing the Lisp LET does, transforming let (x = a, y = b) { foo(x); bar(y); return quux(x, y); } into (x, y){ foo(x); bar(y); return quux(x, y); }(a, b) automatically. Cheers, Pillsy
Aug 12 2010