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digitalmars.D - Question to std.perf users

Is anyone using std.perf's scoped counter?

As in

    scope timer = new PerformanceCounterScope!(PerformanceCounter);
    // [..do stuff..]
    auto msec = timer.milliseconds();

or it could take the form

    scope timer = new PerformanceCounter.scope_type;
    // ... same as above

Basically all it does is automatically call "start()" for you.
Seems like a waste to me.  Calling start() isn't that hard, and is clearer.

The article by Matthew Wilson referenced in the documentation even says 
it's not very useful:
However, the observed use of these classes  in almost all cases  along 
with the strong requirement for them to be as efficient as possible, has 
shown this to be a mistake. Because instances are often used in a number 
of start()-stop() cycles, as can be seen in the test program, having 
start() called in the constructor complicates the semantics for no net 
  --- http://www.ddj.com/windows/184416651

So I say it should just be ripped out.
Unless someone things it's really great and uses it all the time.

Apr 18 2008