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digitalmars.D - Qt and C++ for GUI, D for rest


I would like to use Qt for writing the GUI-portion of an app; I'll write 
it happily in C++, so no D-bindings are required.
As I want to write an OpenGL-viewer for specific assets, and I've got 
already D-code that reads and views that data, I'd like to use 
D+Tango+Tangobos for it (of course the Qt-code and D-code need to 
communicate through C-functions).

Now the question is: What is the best way to accomplish this? Under 
Linux this is trivial, since I could compile C++-code with g++ and 
D-code with dmd.
Under Windows I see 2 options:
1. Compile Qt with DMC; has anyone tried that successfully?

2. Using Qt+MingW with GDC+MingW; what is the status of GDC+MingW and 
does it work with latest Tango/Tangobos release?

Jul 14 2008