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digitalmars.D - Publicly exposing an exception a module throws

If a module's function throws an exception, shouldn't that module publicly 
import that exception? Please observe:

$ cat errnoexception.d
import std.stdio;
//import std.exception;

void main()
    File file;
    try file = File("/non-existent-file");
    catch (ErrnoException e) {}
$ dmd errnoexception.d
errnoexception.d(8): Error: undefined identifier 'ErrnoException'

Uncommenting the import of std.exception solves the problem, but I believe 
it would make sense to have the exception *publicly* imported into std.stdio 
to avoid having the user to manually import it. Agreed?

(Currently the exception is just thrown in stdio.d by errnoEnforce in l 385 
which is imported at l 383.)

Shriramana Sharma, Penguin #395953
Oct 17 2015