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digitalmars.D - Processing the D coverage lst files


it is quite hard to further process D lst coverage files. The 
information within, are easy
to read for human but it is hard if you want to transform the 
information for further analyzes:

- Filename and percentage are included in user text, which changes
"%.*s is %d%% covered\n"
"Error: %.*s is %d%% covered, less than required %d%%\n"
"%.*s has no code\n"

- Extracting the filename becomes more difficult if the filename
contains spaces

- Module name, package name are not included in the LST file.
These information could be used to group the results per package.

Can there anything be done to provide the information in a 
machine readable form?
(The preferred solution of course would be 1 XML with a well 
defined structure, instead
of multiple files:) )

This would make it easy to include the coverage into other tools 
like Jenkins / SonarQube /...

Kind regards
Jul 11 2019