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digitalmars.D - Post conf games?

Hi All,

Just getting prepped for Dconf looking forward to seeing some 
familiar faces, although ironically a lot of the 'familiar faces' 
are now actually work colleagues :-)

I'm not sure what you all think, but in the past I've found it's 
a very good way of creating / cementing / rekindling / ending?! 
friendships during conferences is by playing games with new found 
friends. Manu and Ethan - before you get excited I'm thinking 
more along the lines of more traditional pub style games rather 
than 60fps shooters :-)

I'm not sure if the 'beer-o-clock' pub supplies anything by way 
of games but let me know if you'd like me to bring along any of 
the following (given I'm London based this makes it very easy for 

Mah Jong
Cards ( yes this is a bit lame but I can bring a pack along :-) )
Phase 10 (this was a new one on me I found during a visit to 
Australia last month, hadn't heard of it before but its a variant 
of contract Rummy, Mattel's second most successful card game 
after Uno, who knew! Good fun, not too intellectually demanding, 
perfect apres-dconf game IMHO).


May 07 2019