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digitalmars.D - Please submit to DConf 2018!

With the Feb 25 deadline looming, allow me to holler to everyone who has 
worked on great things in the D language through the past year: please 
make a DConf 2018 submission!

By all measures there's been significant pick up in contributions to the 
D language during the recent months, and it would be awesome to have 
that solid work reflected in a strong program in Munich.

What we need on Feb 25 are your title, abstract, and bio. What we need 
on your talk day is your lovable self talking about your great idea.

Giving a talk at DConf is a high service to the D language community. In 
recognition of that, the D Language Foundation reimburses travel and 
accommodation expenses for speakers. Please contact Michael Parker 
(social dlang.org) for details.


Feb 21 2018