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digitalmars.D - Patch against GDC's phobos to let the GC track multiple stacks per

reply downs <default_357-line yahoo.de> writes:
This is a patch against GDC's version of the phobos sources to allow it to
track more than one stack per thread, as well as facilities to add stacks, as
well as changing the std.thread class
to register itself with these new facilities.

This is required in order to allow StackThreads/coroutines to be implemented

Comments very much appreciated.
Jan 30 2008
parent downs <default_357-line yahoo.de> writes:
For example, why does win32's Thread not declare getESP()?
Is there something here that I'm missing?

Also, handled the case when the stack size is 0.
I also cleaned up the patch a little.
I still don't know how to add the new std.stack to the list of modules to
build; currently, I'm still patching the Makefile by hand every rebuild. If
anybody could tell me what I have to change, it'd be appreciated.

Jan 30 2008