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On Wednesday, 8 May 2019 at 21:32:35 UTC, krzaq wrote:
 Hi all!

 On the behalf of Paged Out! Institute I would like to extend an 
 invitation to this community to send articles for our magazine.

 Paged Out! [0] is a new and experimental free magazine about 
 [1] programming (especially programming tricks), hacking, 
 computing, computer hardware, and retro, in any combination 

 Personally, I think this could be good publicity for both D and 
 PO! :)

 The article format is somewhat unique - they must fit in one 
 page (a cross between A4 and US Letter). That's why CFP [2] 
 expands to "Call For Pages" in this case.

 [0]: https://pagedout.institute/
 [1]: https://pagedout.institute/?page=about.php
 [2]: https://pagedout.institute/?page=cfp.php
promote my article "Intro to Embedded Resources in Windows Apps" with a small snippet written in D (pg 26): https://pagedout.institute/download/PagedOut_001_beta1.pdf There are a lot of other really interesting articles in this issue - I highly recommend checking it out! -Doc
Aug 11 2019